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In no time boring surfaces become visually most appealing and unforgettable surfaces with genuine coffee beans. The coffee beans are coated with a crystal-clear resin and worked into a panel. The coffee panels are designed to set accent in wall surfaces in living and reception areas. RENOfloor®-Coffee-Wall-Design is especially suited for gastronomic establishments and shops- or example can be laid even under glass for tables and counters. Thus premises will glitter with a new elegant & tasteful design.

RENOfloor®-Coffee-Wall-Design enlivens any area and creates an atmosphere of well-being and enjoyment.

"Coffee makes tired walls lively!"
- Living and reception areas
- Kitchen and dining rooms
- Gastronomy: Wall- and counter design
- Exhibition areas and Showrooms
- Can be laid below glass tables
- As picture in stainless steel frame

Our tip: As picture in stainless steel frame or just simply as a lively "wall enhance“, the Coffee-Wall is also well suited as extraordinary gift for genuine coffee lovers!


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